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Our ZoomPortal service is available in various configurations to best meet the needs of your organization. Some options are available as an Ad-Paid configuration to meet even the strictest budget.

ZoomPortal Pro ZoomPortal Express ZoomPortal Custom
ZoomPortal Pro is our most robust and popular portal service that centers around member-based organizations by implementing a members login area.     ZoomPortal Express is a very effective solution for those needing the same powerful website builder tools as our Pro service, but without the members only area.     ZoomPortal Custom is our most flexible solution that provides full web hosting services for advanced users with the ability to link in the ZoomPortal content management features.  

Starting at $19.95 per Month

(or FREE via Ad-Paid Option)


Starting at $4.95 per Month

(or FREE via Ad-Paid Option)


Starting at $24.95 per Month

(setup fees not included)

Key Benefits

Professional Web Solution

Intuitive User Interface

Cost Effective Solution

Advanced Feature Set

Flexibility & Scaleability

No Contracts

Highlighted Features

Site Builder

Members Only Area

Membership Directory


Event Signup & Reminder

Online Store

Photo Albums

Customizable Themes

Document Management